24 hour programming competition with learning opportunities for all

February 13th & 14th at Lick-Wilmerding High School

Hyphen-Hacks attendeees programming


Hyphen-Hacks is an annual 24-hour hackathon aimed at high school students from around the Bay Area with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. We hope to create a space where all students are inspired to learn new skills while collaborating on new inventions.


At Hyphen-Hacks, you will get the opportunity to receive mentorship from industry professionals, take classes ranging from beginner topics to advanced techniques, and meet like-minded students from around the Bay Area.

2019 Hyphen-Hacks team


We strive to foster a strong, inclusive community. Whether this is your first time programming or your tenth hackathon, we want you to feel included and supported.


Hyphen-Hacks will stretch your skills and imagination, pushing you to achieve what you never dreamed to be possible. Our open, supportive atmosphere will provide a platform for you to create amazing products.

Open Format

Unlike many hackathons, Hyphen-Hacks has an open structure. You are free to work on your projects for the whole time, or you can choose to attend one of our many workshops.


We will serve four meals, starting with lunch on Saturday. Of course, we always have snacks available, including a special midnight snack!


At Hyphen-Hacks, we have tons of fun activities, including laser tag, ping pong, and board games. We also provide team building workshops to help foster a sense of community.


Projects will be judged by, and receive feedback from, an array of industry professionals. This year's prizes are still being determined.

2019 Hyphen-Hacks winners

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